Adventure Bike


From ultralight tents weighing less than 2kg to tents designed so that you can park your ride under a vestibule to protect you and your luggage from harsh weather, we have the perfect solution for your next bike adventure.

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Light backpacks that range from waterproof to foldable to safely carry essential items on your back while cruising your favourite routes.

Duffel Dry Bags

This virtually indestructible duffel dry bag is made from a hard-wearing pvc and is water and dust proof. It is perfect for strapping luggage to your iron beast.

Dry Bags

Protect your devices and other essential items from rain and water or pack your clothing in lightweight dry bags to keep items sorted and dry in larger bags.

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Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags from ultralight models you'll hardly notice on your bike to warm down bags that will keep you snug and safe in some of the harshest conditions for the more daring bike adventurours. 

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Sleeping Pads

It's the perfect compliment to your sleeping bag. It not only ensures that you are insulated from the cold but makes for a comfortable night's rest after riding all day.

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Ultralight items compact and light enough to carry along on a bike tour and add a level of comfort to your trip.

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Outdoor Kitchen

Cook up a storm on your next bike outing with these ultralight outdoor kitchen items.

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Even if you're out on the bike all day and only get to your overnight spot after sunset you don't have to go in the dark. 

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