Enjoy the convenience and portability of the Naturehike Africa inflatable SUP range. As rigid as solid boards when inflated, these boards deflate and fold up to a manageable size so space is never an issue no matter what vehicle you drive or in which space you live.

SUP Pumps

Enhance your paddling experience with these purpose made pumps perfect for your Naturehike Africa paddle board.

SUP Paddles

Telescopic, adjustable paddles in aluminium, carbon or a combination with a paddle face design that maximises paddling performance.

Buoyancy Vests

Ensure your safety when out paddling with a Naturehike Africa buoyancy vest.

Board Leashes

Leashes that offer peace of mind when out on the water.

Dry Bags

We have dry bags in all shapes and sizes whether you need a secure bag to transport your gear to and from the water or whether you want to carry items while paddling.

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Duffel Dry Bags

These PVC duffel bags are water; and dust proof and built to last. Keep your gear safe.


Keep hydrated, even out on the water.

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Quick Dry Towels

Light, compact and super absorbent. These towels are the perfect addition to your water activity gear list.

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