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Hammocks for Camping and Hiking

There is a growing trend of colourful, swaying hammocks at campsites and trails. Once just for lounging, they are now a camper's must-have.

At Naturehike Africa, we’re passionate about helping outdoor enthusiasts find the best gear for their adventures, and in this article, we’re diving into this comfy comeback - hammocks.

Hammocks over the years

The word "hammock" comes from a Taino word meaning "fish net". They originated in Central America almost 1,000 years ago and were initially used for protection from creatures and insects. After witnessing how popular they were, Christopher Columbus brought hammocks to Europe. During Spain’s colonial period, cotton and canvas were brought to the Americas and began to be incorporated into the hammock design we know today. Later, navies adopted it on their ships and even used it in prisons as a cost-effective alternative to cots.

Over time and across the world, they served as practical sleeping solutions in industries like farming and were slowly adopted as leisure items for wealthy families.

Hammock sales seem to have doubled in the last ten years:

  • They've become trendy, appealing to youngsters seeking to "have an experience" with friends, like lounging outdoors. Concerts, bonfires or a summer's day in the garden.
  • Companies that embrace the modern, non-conventional office style have incorporated hammocks in their offices.
  • Hammock camping has become a popular alternative to tents due to their lightweight and easy setup.

Benefits of Using Hammocks

Out of all the trends coming back into style, we support the outdoor hammock.

  • Hammocks offer a comfortable and restful escape from the hard ground, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready for another day of adventure.
  • Hammocks are lightweight and easy to pack and cart around, making them a valuable addition to any outdoor gear collection.
  • It’s easier to keep a Hammock sand and dirt-free as it hangs above the ground.

Different Hammocks for Camping and Hiking

Choosing the right hammock can set the mood for your outdoor adventures.

Types of hammocks typically used on a camping/hiking trip:

Traditional Hammocks: Made from durable materials like cotton, canvas or polyester, perfect for lounging in your backyard or at the campsite.

Camping Hammocks: Specifically designed for outdoor use with features like mosquito nets, rain tarps, and insulation.

Double Hammocks: More room and a higher weight capacity, perfect for two people or anyone who enjoys a spacious sleep setup.

Hammock Tents: Combine the best features of tents and hammocks, providing protection from insects and rain while keeping you off the ground for a comfortable night’s sleep.

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Setting Up and Using a Hammock

Setting up a hammock is relatively uncomplicated.

Follow these simple steps to ensure a safe and comfortable hang:

  1. Find the Perfect Spot: Look for two sturdy trees or anchor points about 3-4 metres apart. This is probably the toughest part, but it's a small price to pay to enjoy your fully set-up hammock.
  2. Attach the Suspension System: Wrap the straps around the trees and secure them with carabiners.
  3. Hang Your Hammock: Clip your hammock to the suspension system, ensuring it’s at a comfortable height.
  4. Adjust the Tension: Ensure your hammock has a slight sag (a 30-degree angle is ideal) for maximum comfort.
  5. Test for Safety: Give your hammock a gentle tug to ensure everything is secure before hopping in.

General Care and Safety Tips:

  • Avoid hanging your hammock over sharp objects or uneven terrain.
  • Check the weight capacity of your hammock, and don’t exceed it.
  • Always use tree-friendly straps to protect the bark and prevent damage.
  • Clean your hammock regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Store it in a dry place to prevent mould and mildew.

Choose Naturehike Africa as Your Outdoor Gear Supplier

At Naturehike Africa, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality products for every type of adventurer.

Hammocks are more than a comfy sleeping swing; their lightweight design, versatility, and minimal environmental impact enhance your outdoor experience in countless ways.

Explore Naturehike Africa’s hiking and camping range today and level up for your next adventure!


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