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We recently committed to this journey we like to call Naturehike Africa. We don‘t know where we‘ll end up but we have a pretty good idea of where we‘re going...

When Nollie met Estiaan on a fishing trip he soon noticed the waterproof bag and the conversation turned to it: "What do you mean these are your products?", "I work for the company back in China" Estiaan said. The lightbulb went on... Nollie contacted Marcel and Corneile, who share an equally strong passion for the outdoors, new ventures and building brands, and said “I think I‘m onto something... are you guys in?"

Before you knew it the team had grown to four and products were being tested high up in the snowy Himalayas. Let‘s do this! was the consensus and in 2017 Naturehike Africa was formed. Not long after, the very first container was crossing the Indian Ocean. The rest is not yet history, but we‘re working on it...

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